August 2018

Features released by in August 2018.


  • added: Added an Audience Exporter for Google AdWords
  • added: Added an Audience Exporter for Facebook
  • added: New endpoint for manually choosing specific products to show in Email Recommendations.
  • added: Magento 2 - Added a Load More Results button to the Search Page
  • added: DanDomain - Prefilled Exit-Intent Content Field, so it can be activated out of the box
  • improved: Magento 1 - Added support for inserting multiple sliders through widgets on the product page
  • improved: Magento 2 - Updated extension so realtime updates and Data Sync uses data from the same file
  • improved: Built-in popup in Clerk.js has been made more responsive
  • improved: Standardized Exit-Intent Content IDs in all extensions
  • improved: Magento 1 - Removed CMS page import from latest version of extension, as it often caused imports to fail.
  • fixed: Magento 2 - Fixed bug where product pages would be loaded infinitely
  • fixed: Magento 2 - Fixed a bug that caused bundle products to have a wrong price
  • fixed: Fixed a bug where some customers could not access Website Content