December 2017


  • added: DanDomain App - The new attributes Vendor Number and Long Descriptions are now sent to automatically
  • added: Added DanDomain Basic Email Templates that match the data we get from DanDomain
  • improved: We made it easier to style Email Content - Caching of Email Content has been deactivated when previewing in Email Clients
  • improved: Data Sync - The importers internal structure has been revamped to support much more varied data, without breaking the data sync.
  • improved: Dashboard - The split for individual customers who have used and customers who have not, now works correctly.
  • improved: Tuned the autocomplete feature in search to be more precise.
  • fixed: DanDomain App - Fixed a bug where sales-tracking would report multiple purchases of the same product wrongly
  • fixed: DanDomain App - Fixed a bug where orders could not be imported because DanDomain sent an empty price field
  • fixed: Fixed a bug where Avg. Order Value in Audience wasn't calculated correctly