December 2018

December has been mainly focused on developing and tuning Clerk.js 2, which will make the integration and customisation of for your webshop, a breeze.


  • improved: Major optimisations to Clerk.js 2 which will make the integration of much smoother and more configurable
  • added: DanDomain - Manufacturer attribute added to all products.
  • improved: DanDomain - Stock value for Master products is now the collective stock of all of its variants. This makes it easy to filter away out-of-stock products, and a sense of urgency by showing products that will sell out soon.
  • added: DanDomain - Fixed a bug where main categories could not show the Bestsellers slider, because of a missing ID.
  • added: Shopify - Added "min" and "max" price attributes to all products, allowing you to show the various prices a product can have.