February 2017

Clerk.io improvements and updates launched in February 2017.

The most important feature is by far Exit Intent Recommendations.


  • added: Exit Intent Recommendations
  • added: Support for email platform MailUp
  • added: Added nth and slice filters to email templates.
  • added: Added the ability to use filters when inspecting a stores products.
  • improved: Greatly improved the accuracy of SKU searching.
  • improved: Added a clean Progress Bar when creating a new store.
  • fixed: Magento Extension: Fixed issues #31, #32, #34 and #35
  • fixed: Fixed bug where new products sometimes wasn't added to the search index right away.
  • fixed: Fixed bug that made the top bracket of range facts set to low.
  • fixed: Fixed bug where all versions of Internet Explorer couldn't handle "modern" JavaScript.
  • fixed: Fixed bug where multiple language stores could not access product search on my.clerk.io.
  • fixed: Fixed the most annoying bug where the code editor would scroll to the top of page on focus!
  • added: