January 2017

Clerk.io improvements and updates launched in January 2017.

At the beginning of the month, we launched a completely new version of our my.clerk.io backend with a complete design overhaul and a lot of new features as listed below.


  • added: Brand new design with a focus on content.
  • added: Plug & Play setup for non-developers.
  • added: Recommendation Insights (Beta)
  • added: Email Insights (Beta)
  • added: Audience Insights (Beta)
  • added: Full overview of all associated companies and stores.
  • added: New simpler user model where users easier can be associated with many companies.
  • added: Seperation of design and content to make life easier for marketers and developers.
  • added: Search preview to Search Insights.
  • added: Quick search for email and website content.
  • added: Customisable number formatting and store currencies.
  • improved: Added more data to the product details page.
  • improved: Simplified data inspection.
  • added: