July 2018

Features released by Clerk.io in July 2018.

In the end of July we released the new Setup Guide for my.clerk.io, which makes setting up Clerk.io' Best Practice on various platforms a breeze.

The Setup Guide quickly lets you sync your catalog with Clerk.io and view the Live Demo with your data as well as setup the 4 products with each of their Best Practices.


  • added: Released the new Setup Guide for my.clerk.io
  • added: Magento 2 - Added a way to alter image sizes for products
  • improved: Magento 2 - Made all powerstep buttons translatable
  • improved: DanDomain - Made all powerstep texts translatable.
  • improved: Found a better way of identifying email labels so they are shown correctly in Email Insights
  • improved: Improved SKU search to not be impacted negatively by realtime updates.