March 2017 improvements and updates launched in March 2017.


Content creation is now much simpler with our improved UI.


  • added: Magento 2 Extension & Support
  • added: Copy existing store content and design when creating a new store.
  • added: Instant preview of content results.
  • improved: Greatly improved the usability of the content creator UI.
  • improved: Improved Life Time Value prediction for Audience.
  • improved: Added default GA tracking code to email content creator.
  • improved: Improves scrolling in Clerk.js build in sliders.
  • improved: Made SKU search more precise.
  • improved: Now it's impossible to send broken links in email templates.
  • fixed: Fixed bug in exit intent popup that made it trigger in special cases on some mobiles.
  • fixed: Minor fixes in the Audiance Insights UI.
  • fixed: Handle schema-less URLs in emails.
  • added: