November 2016 improvements and updates launched in November 2016.

We are working on something big so there are not a lot of news this month ;-)

Project Millennium Falcon

In June 2016 we started project Millennium Falcon with the focus on making everything in lightning fast.

The project had multiple stages released over the last 5 month with the final one released Thursday 24/11 (just before Black Friday) as planned.

Here are the performance improvements achieved for the nerds:

  • Avg. response time reduced from 63ms to just 9-11ms.
  • CPU load reduced from 34% to 8%.
  • Memory usage reduced from 80% to 11%.
  • IO usage reduced from > 3000 IOPS to < 800 IOPS.

And all of this on the same hardware as before!

In short is now allow faster and more robust. This is just the first step in a series of big improvements to our service all utilising theis new and faster version of!


  • added: Added min / max as build in template functions for Clerk.js.
  • added: Added styling handler class for Clerk.js build in live search container.
  • improved: Project Millennium Falcon speed improvement fully released!
  • improved: Improved Data Sync scheduling to be less frequent when using real-time updates.
  • fixed: Fixed a bug that made conversion rates show and avg. time on site show incorrect numbers in the analytics dashboard.
  • added: