November 2017


  • added: The DanDomain App can now handle product variants with a simple setting
  • added: In, Content and Designs can now be saved through keyboard commands (Mac: CMD+S, Windows: CTRL+S)
  • improved: Audience Insights have been updated to better handle variances in behaviour between the beginning and end of months
  • improved: The DanDomain App now imports better resized images from the webshop, to speed up load times
  • improved: The DanDomain App now syncs any historic orders from the webshop, making day-one performance much better
  • improved: Added an "All Done!" text to the last page of the Setup Guide, to clearly show when the setup has been done
  • improved: Importer now supports full order data, including quantity and price, for historic data
  • fixed: Live-Demos now support Relative image URLs'
  • fixed: Fixed a bug where Audience segments would sometimes not change, between Interested In, and Have Purchased