November 2018

The result of our work in November was an average response time of only 20ms, across all webshops running, on Black Friday!

But we also released a couple of other cool features and improvements - including a Joke Generator and a new type of Recommendations.


  • added: New Endpoint - Currently Bought. This will show products that are being purchased right now, allowing for even more dynamic recommendations on the frontpage for example.
  • added: Funny loading screens have been added to, for the occasions where you have to wait a bit.
  • added: The name of the current store is now visible on all pages in
  • added: Shopify - The importer now gets stock levels for each product.
  • improved: API - Endpoints that show exactly what a user has clicked on or purchased (visitor/history and customer/history), will not fill up with Bestsellers, when no history has been tracked.
  • improved: API - visitor/substituting now reverts to bestsellers, if no history has been tracked yet.
  • improved: Magento 1 - Facets can now be sorted, to be shown in any chosen order.
  • improved: Magento 2 - Facets can now be sorted, to be shown in any chosen order.
  • improved: Magento 2 - Multiple content ID's can now be inserted on the Add-To-Basket page from the extension
  • improved: Cancellation flow is now more streamlined, including the option of cancelling even before is removed, but also shows how is still being used if it has not been removed entirely.
  • improved: SKU searches have been improved to be better at identifying individual parts of SKU's.
  • fixed: WooCommerce - Fixed a bug that caused realtime updates to fail.
  • fixed: Magento 2 - Fixed a bug where the embedcode in the Add-To-Basket step did not work because of a syntax error.
  • fixed: Exporters - Fixed a bug where the Active Campaign Exporter would remove a synced email address from other lists than the one it was exported to.
  • fixed: Clerk.js - fixed a bug where names containing apostrophes (for example "Derek's") would cause facets to fail.
  • fixed: Email addresses are no longer case sensitive when tracked for orders.