October 2016

Clerk.io improvements and updates launched in October 2016.

This months releases were heavily emphasises on Search with the release of both:

  • Search Insights: In depth analytics for search.
  • Project Dart[1]: Multiple improvements to our search technology giving a overall 8% increase in search conversions.

[1] Dart is a small but efficient stealth starship used by the Antarian Rangers during the early days of the Galactic Republic. Almost unnoticeable but highly effective it's a perfect codename for this Search update :sunglasses:


  • added: Release of Project Dart: Multiple improvements of our search technology leading to a average 8% increase in search conversions across all current sites using Clerk.io Search.
  • added: Launched Search Insights to help you understand exactly how you can improve your customers search experience.
  • added: Added automated parsing of Magento data encoded as strings.
  • improved: Increased the speed of email personalisation by a factor 2x - 3x.
  • improved: Improved Data Sync scheduling to provide both a more responsive sync infrastructure and increase platform stability
  • improved: Better file names for exported Audience CSV's.
  • fixed: Using both Filters and Faceted Search simultaneously in Clerk.js
  • fixed: Using integers encoded as strings in Faceted Search with Clerk.js
  • added: