October 2017

Clerk.io improvements and updates launched in October 2017.


my.clerk.io now supports Passwordless Login. This means that you never have to remember your password again.


  • added: The Search Page now features full auto-completion of queries, so its much eaiser for customers to find the right products
  • added: search/predictive API now sends back the auto-completed query in the response.
  • added: Historic data now supports sending quantity and pricing
  • added: We made it easier to find your Content in my.clerk.io, by letting you sort and search for Content.
  • added: Beta DanDomain App now includes attributes for showing each products stock, and whether they are new in the shop
  • added: Beta DanDomain App Powerstep popup can be activated directly from the App
  • added: Beta DanDomain App now has a Reset Password function.
  • added: Live-Search supports auto-completetion of much longer keywords
  • added: The Dashboard from my.clerk.io is now integrated directly in the Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCommerce and Prestashop extensions
  • improved: Search can now handle compound-words much better.
  • improved: Clerk.io now accepts more types of data. Products, Categories and Orders can now both be strings and integers.
  • improved: Magento 2 data sync is now more stable and handles edge cases where categories or products have no name.
  • improved: Live-Search (Predictive) API now returns "hits", allowing the live-search to show how many results match the search
  • improved: Live-search with Clerk.js now supports showing results when clicking the search-field, if a search-text is present
  • improved: Prestashop Powerstep now works for v1.6.1.7
  • fixed: Facets sometimes showed incorrect amount of matching products. Now it shows correctly.
  • fixed: Content ID's were created twice in Setup Guides.
  • fixed: Magento 1 native search function is now deactivated completely when enabling Clerk.io search with extension
  • fixed: Beta DanDomain App now synchronizes all categories from webshops, since earlier versions where missing some of them.
  • fixed: Data Sync showed 0 Order Lines even when many orders where imported.
  • fixed: Data Health showed "Click-tracking not working" even though it did.
  • fixed: Facets showed wrong amount of matching products for filters.