September 2016 improvements and updates launched in September 2016.


  • added: Launched new Documentation on (this page).
  • added: Relaunched Segmentation v2.0 as Audience. Added a lot of new features an a whole new UI.
  • added: Added Data Health in to help you get the most of your stores data.
  • added: Added support for range types (like prices) in Clerk.js build in Faceted Search component.
  • added: Expanded our server setup with multiple additional API servers to handle even more volume.
  • added: Download order lines as CSV from the Order Details page in
  • improved: Rearranged the developers section in to be more intuitive.
  • improved: Redesigned the Usage page on to better predict this months Email and Audience usage.
  • improved: Fine tuned Data Health features after launch based on user feedback.
  • fixed: Fixed issue where Data Sync scheduling uncertainty might be up to +1 hour.
  • added: