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Magento 2

How to set up on a Magento 2 store.

Before you read the guide!

When you add a new store in our setup guide will guide you through everything. The steps below are just for external reference ;-)

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1. Installing the extension

Installing the Magento 2 Extension is done through commandline. Follow the guide below to install it:

  1. Login to your server through command line.
  2. Navgiate to your webroot folder (usually "/var/www/your_domain/public_html")
  3. Enable Root Access by typing su and then enter your password.
  4. Type in the following commands in order:
    4.1. composer require clerk/magento2
    4.2. php bin/magento module:enable Clerk_Clerk
    4.3. setup:upgrade
    4.4. setup:di:compile
  5. Wait for the module to finish.

2. Connecting a Magento 2 store to

  1. In your Magento 2 backend, go to StoresConfigurationClerkSettings to open the extension.
  2. Select your desired store from the store selector in the upper left corner.
  3. In, click the Settings icon in the top left corner of your Store
  4. Copy both the Public Key and the Private Key from the fields into the configuration and click Save Config
  1. In, go to Data Sync.
  2. Choose Magento 2 as the sync method.
  3. Input the URL of your webshop, and choose the language.
  4. Click Update Settings and then Start Sync in the top right corner.

3. Setting up Search's search engine consists of a Live-Search dropdown and a Search page. Both can be enabled from the extension by following these steps:

  1. Go to Designs at
  2. Create a new Design called "Search" and choose Website as the type.
  3. Choose Responsive Search Page as the Prepared Design.
  4. Create another Design called Live-Search and choose Website as the type. Choose Live Search Drop down
  5. Go to Content and create 1 Content block called Search and 1 called Live-Search.
  6. Configure the Search Content to use the Search type and the Live-Search Content to use Live-Search.
  7. Go back to the extension page in the Magento 2 backend and enable Search and Live-Search from there.
  8. Make sure that the Clerk Template ID in the extension matches the name of the template that you have just created. Usually this will be "search" and "live-search".
  9. Click Save Config.

4. Setting up the Powerstep

  1. Go to Templates at
  2. Create a new template called "Recommendations" and choose Website as the type. Optionally, choose a starting template as well.
  3. Go to Content and create Content blocks, configured with these 3 logics:
    3.1. Best Cross-sell products
    3.2. Personal Recommendations Based On Click History
    3.3. Popular Products
  4. Go back to the extension page in the Magento backend and enable it under Powerstep settings.
  5. Choose the Page option, and type in the ID's of your Content blocks, separated by commas.
  6. Click Save Config.

5. Creating and Embedding Recommendations

  1. Create unique Content blocks for each slider/recommendations box.
  2. Choose the relevant Type for each recommendation in its own Content block.
  3. If you havent done it yet, create a Design that you can use in all the recommendations, so they have the same styling.
  4. Get the embed-code for each Content, and put it on the relevant page in Magento.

Magento 2

How to set up on a Magento 2 store.