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How to setup email recommendations in Mailchimp

Before you start!

Make sure that you have made the initial integration on the webshop so that is synced with your product catalog and order history.

1. Create Email Designs

The first thing you have to do is create a Design for your emails. You can create as many different designs as you want, and each Design, can be used across many different recommendations blocks.
Read more about Email Designs here.

  1. In, go to Designs.
  2. Click New Design and give it a name.
  3. Pick a starting template, or leave the dropdown blank, to start from scratch.
  4. Add your desired HTML and CSS to your email design.
  5. Click Update Design when you have made changes.

2. Create Email Content

Each type of Email recommendations should have its own Content block. These Content blocks control how many products to show, which logic to use, if any filters should apply, etc.
Read more about Email Content here.

  1. Go to Email Content.
  2. Click New Content and give it a name.
  3. Set the logic you want, and optionally add a filter.
  4. Select the amount of products you want to show, and choose one of the designs you have created.

3. Getting the Embedcode

  1. Under Insert into email, choose Mailchimp in the E-MAIL PLATFORM dialog box.
  2. OPTIONAL: Depending on the Content Logic you have chosen, input the necessary data, eg. a keyword or category ID.
  3. Click Copy Embed Code To Clipboard on the Content page.

4. Embedding the Recommendations in Mailchimp

  1. In Mailchimp, go to Templates.
  2. Click Edit the template that you want to insert your email recommendations in.
  3. Drag a Code Block to the part of the template where you want recommendations to be shown.
  4. Paste the embedcode into the editor.

5. Styling the Recommendations

  1. Create an Email Content using the design you are creating.
  2. Click Preview to see the current Design.
  3. Style the recommendations HTML structure in Edit Product Code, and its CSS styling in Edit CSS Code. You can also change the height and width of each product box on the template page.
  4. Click Update Template on the Designs page, and then Preview Content on the Email Content page.
  5. Repeat until your styling looks the way you want it to.


How to setup email recommendations in Mailchimp