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Smooth popups out of the box.

The UI Kit cotains a simple popup library to easily create simple but user friendly popups with any content.

Using Popups

Any HTML element on your website with the class clerk-popup will be displayd as a popup.

This can both be elements in Clerk.js Content templates or any element on your website.

By default all popups will be visible immedeatly - if you want to trigger a popup manuyally later simply add the class clerk-popup-hidden.

JavaScript Interface

You can manage any popup via Clerk.js JavaScript interface.

  Hello, world!

<script type="text/javascript">
  var my_popup = Clerk('ui', 'popup', '#my-popup');
  // show popup; /* or */ Clerk('ui', 'popup', '#my-popup', 'show');
  // hide popup again
  my_popup.hide(); /* or */ Clerk('ui', 'popup', '#my-popup', 'hide');

The popup library takes a css selector as input and appends styling and a close button.
When a popup has been created to exposes the following operations:




Shows the popup by setting the css property visibility to visible


Hides the popup by setting the css property visibility to hidden

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Smooth popups out of the box.

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