How errors are reported across the API.

All requests resulting in an error will return an object with the status error and the following structure:

  "status": "error",
  "message": "A message explaining the error.",
  "moreInfo": "{ERROR_ID}",
  "type": "ErrorType",
  "id": "{ERROR_ID}"
statusThe status of the request. This is always error.
messageA message explaining the error.
moreInfoA link to a unique, and more detailed, error page for this error. This can also be used when in contact with our support. These reports will be deleted after 24 hours if not opened, or after 7 days of inactivity.
typeThe error type. See the table of error types below.
idThe unique ID of this error instance.
Error TypeMeaning
AuthenticationErrorThe request could not be authenticated. This is caused by an invalid API key or a disabled account.
ParsingError The request is either not valid JSON, or some of the parameters are missing, or it has a wrong type.
LogicalErrorOne or more parameters did not follow the documented behaviour.
InternalErrorAn unexpected error occurred. These errors are logged internally, then manually verified and fixed by our developers.