How customers are represented in

Each Customer is represented as a customer object where each key-value pair corresponds to a Customers attribute name and value. Just as for product objects, customer objects allow you to have any number attributes.

All attribute names must be strings, and values can be either bool, int, float, string or a list of the former.

A customer can have any number of attributes but must at least contain the following marked as Required:

idint or strRequiredThe customer ID.
Needed for using our Auto-Email and Audience products.
The customers email.
namestrOptionalThe customers full name.
subscribedboolOptionalBoolean indicating whether the customer has subscribed to newsletters. This must be true for to send marketing emails to this customer.
zipstrOptionalThe customers zip code.
genderstrOptionalThe customers gender.
ageintOptionalThe customers age.
is_b2bboolOptionalBoolean indicating whether a customer is B2B or not.